Our Mission and Vision


Digitize every skin condition to make skin health and wellness universally accessible.


Everyone benefits from a lifelong personalized digital skin advisor powered by Belle.

Our Technology

BelleTorus Corporation (“Belle”) offers the world’s most robust AI platform for evaluating and tracking skin diseases and conditions.

From a smartphone photo, our AI technology can distinguish thousand of skin conditions and symptoms. It provides qualitative assessment (identification) and quantitative scoring (severity) of skin conditions, with applications available for healthcare providers, patient clinical trials and monitoring, and consumer skin care.

We provide:

  • On-demand early skin cancer detection and monitoring
  • Real-time severity scoring for acne, psoriasis (skin and nails), atopic dermatitis / eczema, and vitiligo
  • AI platform-as-a-service, with an API that enables third-party applications and websites to incorporate the AI technology into their own products and services.

Deep Learning Expertise:

  • Unique insights in deep learning and computer vision powering digital skin health transformation
  • Grounded in decades of theoretical and applied academic research in mathematics and AI science
  • Rapid, precise transfer learning enables flexible and highly efficient digitization of the skin health value chain


  • Structure and design of neural networks, wavelets, and convolutions
  • Data normalization, augmentation, partitioning, clustering, and rebalancing methods
  • Structural ensembling methods
  • More efficient loss functions and gradient descent methods
  • Translation from sigmoid value to real probabilities
  • Topological features and fuzzy boundary problems
  • Ad-hoc reinforcement learning
  • AI-enhanced mathematical modeling and explainable AI

Agreements and Terms

Belle Standard Cloud Service Agreement and Order Form

Our global team

27 PhDs

Mathematics, Automatics, Computer Science, Physics, and Medicine

7 MDs

Researchers and Practicing Physicians

2 JDs and 15
Master’s Degrees

Law, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Public Health, and Business Administration

10 Bachelor’s Degrees

Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Humanities