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Belle SEAS™ - Software for Epidemiology as a Service

Achieve Maximum Force Readiness through Advanced Machine Learning to Understand, Evaluate, and Predict Risks

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Belle SEAS™ - Software for Epidemiology as a Service

Open Athletic, Educational, and Other Venues Safely and Confidently with Advanced AI Modeling and Quantified Risks

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AI for Society

Enabling Public and Private Decision Makers to Lead Their Vibrant Communities

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Unlocking Limitless Potential with Breakthrough Algorithms


Advanced Algorithms for National Security and Digital Health Transformation

What We Offer

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Advanced Decision Making Support: Sophisticated modeling that quantifies risk and opportunities leveraging AI/ML for actionable decision making

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Strategic Analysis and Forecasting: Rigorous, high-confidence algorithmic assessments of threats, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for assured competitive advantage

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Deep Learning Image Classification: Precise classification of complex images, including Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), dermoscopic, and micro-flow particle images for strategic applications

Belle SEAS™ - Software for Epidemiology as a Service

  • Next-generation pandemic models that recognize and account for individual, network, and spatial risks
  • Integrates customized parameters for leaders to achieve optimal risk tolerance
  • Real-time, interactive dashboards for exploring risk mitigation and reopening strategies
  • Incorporates multiple data streams to improve model precision and develop real-time strategies for containment

Who We Are

Team of mathematicians, epidemiologists, computer scientists, and national security strategists called to action to provide advanced modeling and risk mitigation strategies. We apply IntelligentGrit™ to everything we do and produce explainable, high-performance AI solutions for national security and digital health transformations.



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Belle AI Internship Program: Providing opportunity and investing in the next generation

August 6, 2020

Belle Artificial Intelligence commits to developing the next generation of AI leaders. As part of our mission, we provide compensated internships for students and recent graduates to develop and apply their skills in compelling, real-world national security and digital health applications. Our interns are delving into the world of AI, experiencing the dynamism of an impact focused startup, and expanding their experience.


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